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We’re proud to work with the most innovative and progressive sectors in Europe… 

We work with startups, high growth companies and established organisations to provide tailored risk management and consultancy to ensure they are protected when they need it most. 


The European technology industry is booming. Billions of pounds has been invested in the sector over the last 5 years and with companies like Deliveroo, Transferwise and Revolut leading the way – it’s easy to see why.

We love technology companies and we’re one of the few insurance brokers in the UK that develop our own technology to cater for the digital age. So far, there isn’t a single technology company we haven’t been able to insure – so give us a try!


Applications can take various forms. Whether it’s your own app or you’re building it for someone else, we can help.


Software makes the world tick, nearly all businesses use it in some shape or form. This is by far our most popular product. 


We’ve insured everything from VR headsets right through to vehicle trackers, nothing is off limits with our insurers.


We’re a big advocate of tech for good, so if you fit the bracket – we’ll give you a 10% discount on your first purchase.


Blockchain technology has the potential to change the way people do business and interact forever. We’ve been fortunate (and unfortunate) enough to be involved from the early stages and insure some great companies. 

Whilst blockchain technology can improve processes and accountability, it can also create more technical and complex issues for insurers. The insurance market for blockchain companies is limited at this stage, but it’s slowly getting better as more and more people discover it’s potential.


Blockchain technology is a perfect solution for organisations handling and controlling data. 


Whilst blockchain benefits trading platforms, it can also create a huge exposure to cyber and extortion.


Whilst these acronyms carry negativity in insurance, they offer a great benefit to companies looking to raise.


We’re seeing a dramatic increase in organisations looking to utilise blockchain to benefit their company.

AI & Big Data

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is intelligence demonstrated by machines, which use data to create solutions or outcomes. AI can be applied to a variety of sectors, especially those which use data to solve problems.

Big Data is the process of collecting large amounts of a certain type of data, which is then used to create better outcomes based on data analytics. 


Work in artificial intelligence has increased dramatically over the last few years, with more businesses looking to adopt innovative solutions.


Machine learning involves the creation of computers and software that can learn from data, which can then be applied to business solutions.


Data centres are important pillars of technology, which allow companies to offset their risk when collecting large quantities of data. 


A remarkable amount of science can be applied to large quantities of data, which can be used to predict outcomes for business.


Digital health has the power to change the way healthcare is delivered across the globe. It gives more and more people access to important information and medical care than ever before. With each new method of delivery, there will also be a new exposure to risks which need to be carefully considered.

We’re really fortunate to work with some incredible companies in this space and we’re also working with some of the UK’s largest digital health innovation schemes, as a risk and insurance mentor. We pride ourselves on being able to develop insurance solutions for companies that present new challenges to the UK healthcare sector. 


We’ve produced a free guide on insuring your digital health startup. Follow the link below to download it.


We’ve recently worked with a leading digital health company, Feebris. Read about the work we did here.



It’s safe to say that media, marketing and advertising now plays a massive part in the growth of a business. The significant rise of social media has also forced companies to think about their brand and how they are perceived in the public eye. 

The media sector has changed dramatically over the last few years. It’s now easier than ever to become an overnight millionaire using social media. Similarly, it’s now just as easy to completely ruin a reputation in 140 characters or less. With each new challenge, we create innovative insurance solutions to protect what matters most.


Digital media can take all manner of forms. From online video streaming platforms to email marketing companies, we’ve seen them all.


It started off with noticeboards in shop windows and has now manifested into creative online video content and blogs!


Believe it or not, most of the big celebrities don’t even manage their social media accounts. They pay others to do it for them! 


Social media influencers can make some serious cash. Cristiano Ronaldo gets paid £308,000 per tweet! Who wouldn’t want to insure that?!


Consultants play a vital role in business, with many businesses looking to outsource key areas of infrastructure to help streamline processes and keep focus on the areas that matter most.

Financial organisations may look to outsource compliance, whereas construction companies may look to outsource recruitment and staffing to fulfil key contracts. Wherever there have been problems, there have been companies willing to provide solutions. 


Management consultancy can be split in to many different categories. Advice provided by management consultants can be invaluable.


Recruitment is playing an important role in driving businesses forward, with most companies struggling to attract talent at growth stage.


Education consultants can help shape the future of business, by educating the children of today!


If you provide environmental consultancy, which helps companies to manage their impact on the planet, we’ll give you 10% off your first purchase with ETR.


Whilst the high street isn’t as popular as it used to be, the empty stores have paved the way for completely new styles of retailers to take over. 

Whether you are looking to insure a bar with adult ball pits, or coffee shops with cats to pet, we’ve created insurance policies that can cater (no pun intended) for your exact requirements. 


Bars and restaurants remain a key pillar of the hospitality sector and coffee shops are more popular than ever – especially at ETR!


As we’ve mentioned above, the retail experience is changing alongside a new demand for luxury & bespoke retail experiences. 


Online retail has completely surpassed traditional retail in recent years. Access to products and reviews has changed the way we shop.


Not all retailers are the same, so we’ve created a specialist retail policy that covers the more unusual retail companies!


One thing we absolutely love at ETR is startups and new ideas that we’ve never seen before. Whilst a majority insurance market tend to shy away from a challenge, we really enjoy working with clients to find solutions suitable for their businesses.

Since our inception, we’ve insured some really exciting projects. Projects which have seen us insure completely new care concepts like Carerooms, right through to performance AI technology like Incus. We’re always up for a challenge, so show us something we’ve never seen before and we’ll give you 10% off your first policy!


Read our case study with AI platform, Feebris.


Like what you’ve read? Get a quote from us today. 



Without producers we wouldn’t have anything! Everything starts somewhere, and it’s usually with the company that creates it. 


Our CEO’s favourite sector! We’ve insured everything from beer made from twigs to one of the hottest chilli sauces on the planet! We also try and buy products from all of our clients for the office kitchen!


Manufacturers is a really broad category, so is our appetite. We can insure products made from all manner of materials, using all different kinds of manufacturing techniques. 


Don’t sell direct to consumer? No problem. White label, wholesale or dropship – we’ve got the right solution for you. 


We support a number of companies that create sustainable products. If you fit this category we’ll give you 10% off your first purchase with ETR.

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