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The mission statement

 “To be recognised as the pioneer of innovation in the global insurance industry”

Insurance brokers get a bad rep, yet the right insurance broker can play a really important role for your business. We’re big believers of thinking outside of the box, so we’ll always work with you to create the insurance you want – as well as need.


What Makes Us Different

We’ve set up our business to think outside the box. 
We want your insurance buying process to change for the better. 

We are consultants that work for you. We don’t work from scripted questions or tick boxes, we ask direct questions to understand your business better than anyone else. In doing so, you’ll feel safe in the knowledge that you’ve purchased the right policies for your organisation. This allows you to get on with what’s most important.

As an organisation we have significant experience providing consultancy to startups and high growth companies, not only with their insurance requirements, but with growth and day-to-day operations too. This allows us to make certain predictions when thinking about risk, which keeps us ahead of the game.

Above everything else, we listen and react to what’s important to you. As soon as you land a big contract or secure your biggest round of investment ever, we’ll be right alongside you making sure you’ve got the cover you need to satisfy the small print. That’s a promise.


Management Team

Our management team and coaches are responsible for creating and delivering key plays from our blackbook of tactics.

Steven Darrah

Founder & CEO

Paul Gaudin


Robert van der Zalm


The Players

Keeper, strikers, architects and midfield enforcers. We’re building a team full of balanced and talented individuals, which will help us get in to Europe. 

Hollie Luther

Office Manager

Alex Littlejohn

Head of Venture Risks


We’re a busy bunch! Keep up with our latest developments on the news blog below.

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