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2 New Faces at ETR

2 New Faces at ETR

After a strong start to 2020, ETR are delighted to announce the addition of 2 new employees and the opening of our first regional office in London.

Charlie Roberts and Josh Baker join ETR as our 6th and 7th employees respectively. Josh has joined the head office in Malvern as a Sales Coordinator, whilst Charlie is tasked with opening and growing our new regional office in London.

Speaking about both new employees, Steve added:

“Charlie and Josh are great additions to the team and will add a great dynamic. Josh has all the attributes we were looking for in a sales coordinator and will give us something different. Charlie has the tricky task of establishing our brand in London, which will no doubt involve a lot of early mornings and late nights. I’ve already seen enough to know that he’s the right guy for the role.”

Speaking about joining ETR, Charlie commented:

“ETR was an extremely attractive working proposition for me because  of the opportunity of working in a family cultured business where I could learn and develop as an Insurance Professional and also the opportunity to help entrepreneurs grow their business  and see the satisfaction and benefits they receive from our professional advice.”

Josh also had the following to say:

When I first found out about the opportunity at ETR I was immediately interested and after reading more into the company it was a young and hungry. I felt they offered good opportunity and invested in their employees, with a sales/customer service based background I felt I could bring some skills to ETR with them adding time and training could help be become the finished article, as I’ve always said I felt rather than a job I have an opportunity for a career, so I can’t wait to get started.”

As with all new employees, this highlights our desire to grow and establish our brand in the insurance and technology sector. We have a few more announcements to make in the coming weeks, so keep your eyes peeled!